Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sand of time

I wondering that when did my clock will stop ticking. But, please Lord, don't make it stop till i lift the curse of this rotten world. Maybe i talk big, but, it is not illegal to dream. Am i right my Lord?

Al Fatihah to my big bro whom his clock stop over 11 years ago. Rest in peace my beloved brother. Eventhough  you are long gone, sometimes, when i alone, i still thinking about you. You're the best brother i ever had.

Your wills and soul are going to live forever in my pathetic heart.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lesson Of The Day #3

                                                    " Failing is not an option. "

 You give up, you lose, ka-boom, game over. This is not a smart way to breath in our filthy atmosphere.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Bubur Nasi

The best thing about instant bubur nasi is, it will ready in 2 minutes. I dont have to wait for mak cik indo prepared Nasi Goreng for freaking long time in cafe, or waiting mamak at Restoran Bara prepared my Nasi Goreng for also a loooooonnggggg freaaking time.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Its normal thing facing evil tongues, rash judgement,selfish human, shit minded homosapiens on this dirty planet earth. Just consume the tobacco and face it like a man when you don't have adequate power to resist them. Swallow it and fantasies it like a sweet and save your sweet revenge and hatred until you are heavily prepared. That's how to survives in this disgusting elitist, cronyism controlled world


Monday, October 10, 2011

Lesson of the Day #3

Now i truly believe that this world really rotten to the bone.


I dunno the answer yet. But, i will seek for it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Idol #1

" They ( the Jew) survived 2000 years pf pogroms not by hitting back, but by THINKING. They invented and successfully promoted socialism, communism, human rights and democracy so that prosecuting them would appear to be wrong, so they may enjoy equal rights with others. With these they have now gained control of the most power ful countries and they, this tiny community, have become a world power. We cannot fight them through brawl alone. We must use our BRAINS also."

Quote by the only government side politician i respect, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad at OIC Summit 2003.

I read this Dr quote from his memoir, Doctor In This House. That memoir more than 800+ page, i did not bother to read all of them because i'm a lazy ass. Yeah, i'm freaking lazy fat ass. I just pick up the chapter that activated my dumb brain and desire to know only.

Jews slaughter by the Babylonians, Roman, their First temple burn down by Babylonians, Second temple torched to ground by the Romans, European King kicked their butt out of Europe in Medieval Ages, during the Chmielnicki Uprising hundreds of thousands Polish and Lithuanian Jews were slaughtered by the Cossacks and getting their ass kicked in Holocaust during WW2 by Hitler's Third Reich and many more tragedy that bestow upon the Jews throught out the world history.  

I love to observed "human". I noticed many of them that have interest in this kind of shit, they brave, but they not thinking like normal human. But they thinking like abnormal human. They think that they can achieve everything by being super brave. They think they strong like superman. Fak u. This is ain't the Colosseum and you're not a Gladiator. You can't win by being super freaking brave and "lantang" only.

Get a grip lads, you just a normal human. This is not a movie, not a drama, not a annoying reality TV.  This is reality, cruel, full of lie, disgusting world.



I read your message "old friend". And don't worry, i'm not an old short-minded person like the old hell days.
Now i'm able to put the "real" smile on my ugly face. I dont have to be a fake-ass faker in front of my real friend anymore. I'm glad.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Lesson of the Day #2

Even u r very crappy, failure, dummy person, but u still have people around you, then, say, thanks god for giving me good frend. Even dat friend are a little dumbass. lol.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lesson of the Day #1

"It doesn't matter how much money do you had. You will never feel enough." - Mr Iqbal, my fasi.

That statement moved my shitty heart. Twisted my greedy soul. Changed my useless goal.
And maybe changed my scoundrel future forever.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

cuti 2

Banyak kejayaan yang aku capai dalam masa 4 bulan cuti,

Mula-mula, aku berjaya bunuh General Vasquez. Pastu dapat langgar kereta polis,dapat sembelih Zerg,
Kalahkan Loki, Dr Doom, Modok, Bulleye, Shocker and etc. Selamatkan Odin. Oh ya, Sekarang aku tengah lawan Apocalypse. Susah jugak nak lawan dia nih. Muka pun dia nih pun huduh.

Ok, General Vasquez tu aku bunuh dalam game Sniper : Ghost Warrior.
Yang langgar kereta polis tu aku langgar dalam NFS Hot Pursuit
Sembelih Zerg tu pulak dalam game Starcraft 2
Lawan Loki, Dr. Doom and etc tu dlm Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
Bab yang lawan Apocalypse tu dalam X Men Legend 2. 

Oh ye, tak lupa 7 jahitan aku dapat kat kaki aku nih. Yang ni aku dapat betul, bukan dalam game.
Kiranya pencapain paling hebat aku la masa cuti nih.
Nurse kat hospital semalan cantik-cantik, tak lah sakit sangat time kena jahit. 

haaa, kepada cik kak dari ulu tiram tuh yang request nak follw twitter aku, sory, aku dah tak guna twitter tuh. 

bai bai bai

Monday, July 18, 2011


Bangun pagi tengok bangla naik lori,
Semua hensem rambut sikat belah tepi,
Kenapa bagi lama sangat cuti,
Nanti nak belajar balik otak dah tepu macam tahi.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

masa cuti

gua malas nak update blog, tapi pasal gua banyak masa buat masa sekarang, banyak sangat, kalau masa gua boleh gadai kedai bundle, mau je gua gadai. Cuti 5 bulan bukanlah menda yang menarik bagi remaja-remaja kutu macam gua. Bulan 9 baru masuk kampus balik. Gua rasa masa nak masuk kampus balik, otak gua da jadi tepu, bengap balik. Masa lapang gua sebagai remaja kutu dihabiskan dengan menghabiskan duit mak gua, mengasuh kanak-kanak, memberi makan kucing, mencemarkan alam sekitar dengan meludah atas jalan, membazir bekalan elektrik negara dgn ON PC hampir 12 jam sehari main Starcraft, Dota, COD, worm, freecell dan apa kepala bana game lagi. Tak dilupakan jugak game Snake Xenxia (ejaan mungki salah) di henpon cikai gua.

Apa yang tahinya masa cuti mcm ni, gua selalu teringat kelas kt kampus. Tiba-tiba rasa rindu nak ponteng kelas, rasa nak main bola petang-petang ngan member-member kutu Leon Wanderers. FYI, Leon Wanderers ni kelas bola gua kt kampus. Antara kaki-kaki kutu Leon ni, muzammil yang merupakan injury prone kelab, syafiq affandy,striker botak kelab, Khairi Jamian, Center Back berbakat yang menangis masa Tottenhem kalah ngan Real Madrid aritu,  Fred Omar, tokey FO Shop merangkap manager kelab dan juga tak dilupakan ahli fisioterapi kelab, amirul arif dan ramai lagi player-player yang berbakat yang dikatakan mampu untuk bersaing dgn team olimpik malaysia. Kelab Leon jugak ada barisan WAGS yg tersendiri macam WAGS England. Our WAGS are awesome and SUPER Hot.

Oh ya, kelab bolasepak Leon jugak mendapat penajaan dari syarikat makanan kucing, Vitacat.

Jersi Leon Wanderers dgn logo Vitacat sebagai penaja.

 Moto kelab bola Leon " are you ready to rock you fucker!! "

p/s : terima kasih diucapkan kepada Vitacat dan juga CEO Vitacat, Suzalin Halim. :)
        klik sini untuk ke website Vitacat. ada gambar team leon wanderers kat situ.

Monday, January 17, 2011

sweet 70 minutes.

walaupun gua kalah main sprint test ngan striker lawan.
walaupun main hanya dgn jersi pinjam unit sukan uitm yang bau mcm haram
walaupun personal coach fitness gua xturun tgok gua main pasal dia jd penyu dlm bilik
walaupun gua kena cheat bodo ngan striker lwn sampai defend gua tertampan masuk bola ke gol sndri.

tapi gua rasa 70 minit main bola sama2 kawan se'batch'
moment yang pling sweet bagi gua.
gua akan ingt sampai bila2 saat manis tadi.
walaupun saat gua kena potong kaki kena kencing manis,
gua akan ingt lg saat2 manis main dengan Leon Wanderers.

Terima kasih kepada team mates yang hebat2 belaka.
Terima kasih jugak kepada manager pasukan kami yang Wayferer xlekang dari mata beliau
Terima kasih jugak kepada para penyokong kami, baik laki, perempuan,
xdilupakan jugak yang separa laki dan perempuan yang xberhenti menjerit memberikn sokongan.
Terima kasih byk2 kerana memberikan saat manis ini kepada gua.

p/s : terima kasih sapik pasal belikan short untuk ak. semoga rambut mung makin sihat. Mcm aku