Monday, October 11, 2010

Mistakes of Hitler

Adolf Hitler. 
 A name that can make the jews shitting in their pants. A guys that slaughter  millions of jews. A Third Reich Fuhrer that turned the prosper and rich Europe continent into the sea of blood in the blink of eyes. The man that spoken about the “ Final Solution for the Jews problem “. A Man still a man. No matter how great he
was, he will make a mistakes. Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, bring hundred thousands of his army across europe continent in a bloody cold winter in order to conquer Russia. He did not only lost the war that not even start, he also lost hundred thousands oh his army. The are a story that describe only 20 000 of its army make it back to France from hundred thousands of his army. Same with Hitler, he is just a human. Little pathetic and weak human, he surely also will make mistakes.
Hitler first crappy mistakes was, 
he didn’t cross English Channel to conquer British Archipelago eventhough at that time his Wehrmacht at the peaks of power. Instead of cross English Channel, Hitler just order its minion to build  Atlantic Wall across the west europe from northside of  Norway to the southern side of France. Hitler just ordered its Airforce to do the bombing on the London and other major cities of British and also ordered the U-Boat attack an Allied Navy and commercial ship instead of taking Britain by cross English Channel. Because Hitler didn’t got the balls to cross English Channel  to captured the British Archipelago, its being use as the Allied base and forward operation base to invade Europe especially by the US Army.  An invasion of Europe where the infamous 101st Airborne are involved are being launched from England@Britain.

Another silly mistake commited by Hitler here is that,
he launch an attacks towards Soviet Union.  Why did he wage a war againts a Soviet Union? Some people believe that he hate Communism so much. There are also believe that he open an Eastern Front war because to settle things with the Joseph Stalin. Private things. Soviet Union Highest leader at that bloody time. And here, on the Eastern Front, born a Soviet hero name Vasily Zaytsev who is a sniper. He kills hundreds of Nazis. Vasily is a legend in Sovie Union. There’s even a film about him title Enemy At The Gates. The result from opening Eastern Front theater of war, Third Reich experienced short handed of manpower, ammunation, weaponary and etc because German being flank from West and East side.  From West Front,  United States of America, Britain, Canada, France and other Allied Forces is coming. From east, Red Army is marching toward the Third Reich heart, Berlin. United States of America already a big trouble, strong enemy that hard to be defeated by the Third Reich, and there is Soviet Union that have great number of troops at that time. Being in war with two greatest country, do you expect to win? Thats why Japan sign a pact with Soviet that said the Japan and Soviet would never go to war. Eventhough they are neighbouring country. Japan already have enough trouble with US and British.
The time when the Soviet arrived at the front door of Berlin, there are 2.9 Millions Red Army, surrounding Berlin, compared to the Nazis that defend the Berlin, just around 40 000. So, what to expect except than surrender? Want to withold Berlin with just 40 000+ army againts 2.9 Millions Red Army? Even Hitler, the Third Reich Fuhrer didn't expect its troop can defend Berlin from the bloodthirst Red Army. Hitler committed a suicide by shots his own bloody head using a Luger or some other peoples said he using Walther PP. I didn’t sure what kind of weopon he use to blown up his head. Even before he shot his head head, he still can told his minions to continue the guerilla war againts an Allied.

p/s : Pardon me for my sucks english mate. Just trying to start writing in english.