Monday, August 2, 2010


 If i am......

If I’m great sultan like Muhammad Al-Fateh, i wont let Muslims nowdays without a Caliphate.
If I’m a brave man like Umar Al-Khattab, i wont let anyone bully my Muslim brothers.
If I'm a smart leader like Salahuddin Ayubi, i wont leave the Palestinian suffer any longer
If I’m a good leader like Umar Abdul Aziz, i wont let my people hungry.
If I’m a Nazi leader like Adolf Hitler, i wont kill myself when i losing the World War 2.
If I’m a US President like Obama, i wont let Zionist do shit in Palestinian land.

If I’m a football player like Fabregas, i wanna bring home Champion League cup to Emirates stadium.
If I’m a handsome like Brad Pitt, i wanna get laid date with Angelina Jolie.
If I’m a gay genius like Albert Einstein, i wanna create a powerful Atomic bomb than ‘Little Boy’.
If I’m a Intercept like Chuck, i wanna bring down The Rings forever.
If I’m a FIFA Best Player like Lionel Messi, i wanna transfer to Arsenal.
If I’m a rich man like Bill Gates, i wanna built the biggest castle the world ever seen.
If I’m a great vocalist like Liam Gallagher, i wanna sing with Oasis.

If I’m a fool perfect man, u wont feel hurt when with me.
If I’m a caring man, u wont disappoint with me.
If I’m a gentleman, u wont cry because of my foolishness.
If I’m a nice man, u wont feel sad when u r with me.
If I treat u well, u wont hate me.

If I can roll back time, i wanna repair all of my mistake that i ever done.
But i CANT!

I have many dream that i wanna achieves before i’m rot in my grave. But i know i cant achieve it all. So, for conclusion, I’m a loser, I’m a noob. I dont know if i can hold on longer. Please teach me to know this world better. Dont judge me directly when i make a mistakes.

p/s =  dont let the past haunted you life forever. Gua rokes!