Sunday, August 15, 2010

Study Freak

Why we must study?
Why we can't play DOta all the times without worrying bout class?
Why we can play Age Of Empire without worring bout assignment?
Why we can't play PES all the time without worrying about the test?
 Why we cant sleep without worrying bout th final exam?
Why?kenapa? سبب?raison?wofür?perché?

Nerd. Thats Me!

I'm totally in nerd mode right now.
I totally love the robots, dunt have to keep worrying about the silly thing like human.
Human is fragile. Why?Because human have heart
Thats what make the human special being

p/s : i wish i can go back to live in ancient time.
       Lets say, Hang Tuah Age or Salahuddin Ayubi Age
       So, i dunt have to study like shitty hell anymore..huhh~~
       Someone, please design time machine. I really wanna use it now.T.T.